TRVS Bracelet Width/Size Guide/Chart

1) Bracelet sizing is a matter of personal preference:

if you prefer a snug fit, pick the bracelet Size closer to your wrist circumference. 

If you prefer a comfortable fit, add 0.6 inch or 1.5cm to your wrist circumference. If you prefer a loose fit, add 0.8 inch or 2cm to your wrist circumference.

2) Still unsure which size to get? Contact your personal TRVSCO support here!

3) Learn to measure your wrist circumference below ‚¨áÔłŹ¬†

How to measure your wrist circumference

-Measure your wrist with a tape measure-Wrist Measurement    

-Tie a strip of paper/string around your wrist and mark the beginning and end-Measure your wrist with paper

-Measure the marks on the strip of paper/string with a ruler-Measure your paper with a ruler


Chain/Necklace Size Guide:

TRVS Necklace Length/Size Guide/Chart

- This is how chains/necklace of these length look on our model.

- Still unsure which size to get? Contact your personal TRVSCO support here!


Tennis Style Width Guide:

- Our TRVS classic is the 5mm and we also offer other width for your personal preference!


Ring Size Guide:

TRVS Ring Size Guide/Chart

- You can measure your finger circumference with tape measure, floss, string, or strip of paper.

- If your measurement is between 2 sizes, we recommend going for the larger size to ensure comfortable fit.

- Still unsure which size to get? Contact your personal TRVSCO support here!


Earring Gem Size Guide:

We offer 3 styles of ear rings with a single center gem:

Halo is circular with micro-pave embellished borders/

Solitaire keeps it simple with no embellishment and a classic four-point hook/

Square is square in shape with micro-pave embellished borders.